Stimulation equipment

MSI FZC manufactures N2 pumping units either on skid, trailer or trucks. They include the cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank, the control cabin, the power pack for hydraulic drive and heatexchange system to vaporize the N2 after having been pumped in its liquid form by the high pressure cryogenic reciprocating pump.
The unit can be manually controlled or equipped with an electronic control system with human interface.
The units manufactured on trucks are built in three modules interconnected with each other and installed on the sub structure bolted to the truck chassis. This makes the unit independent from the truck itself technically and allows a quick and easy truck chassis swap if need be.
The units are available in different capacity, 90K, 180K, 360K, 400K, 800K, 1000K and up to 15000 PSI. The diesel engines used can be of any brand that suits the clients (Caterpillar, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Deutz, Volvo Penta,…) and same applied to the truck brands (MAN, Scania, Volvo, DAF, Renault, Tatra, MAZ, MAZ-MAN, NZKT, Kamaz, Kenworth, Peterbilt,…)
Units can be CE marked or Gost certified upon request.
In addition the unit can be winterized with pre-heating systems
MSI FZC manufactures fluid transfer pumps using a variety of pump types and materials to comply with the application. As a result depending on the types of fluids to be pumped the transfer pumps can be made of carbon steel with an internal FRP coating, or they can be entirely manufactured in Stainless Steel or they can be made on Teflon.
In addition the pumps can be centrifugal type, single stage or multistage, membrane type, progressive cavity type, reciprocating type….
The pumps can be driven mechanically by diesel engines, electric motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors,…
The diesel engines can be water cooled or air cooled with manual or pneumatic PTO clutches.
The electric motors can be AC or DC, if need be they can be equipped with variable speed control.
MSI FZC builds acid tanks in ISO frames and on trailer. The tanks can be made of FRP or in steel with FRP lining. All piping is made in acid resistant plastic. The capacities are adjusted to the client’s needs.
All applicable standards depending on the region of use are respected so as the regional road authority regulations for axles, braking systems, lights, reflective stripes, gabarit lights, electrical connections, certification of the vessel for the transport of dangerous fluids.
MSI FZC manufactures batch mixers for acid/stimulation operations onshore and offshore. Thebatch mixers can be skid mounted, trailer mounted and truck mounted. They can be CE marked and GOST certified. For offshore operations Rigsafe and Zone 2 options are available.
The capacity of the batch mixers range from 2x 50BBL up to 2x 125BBL or uneven split with 10m3 + 20m3. Tanks can have cylindrical shape or square shape with rounded corners and all types have sloped/conical bottom and siphon system to prevent dead volumes.
The batch mixers can have fluid tanks made of stainless steel or carbon steel coated with FRP compound to withstand various types of corrosive fluids (HCL solutions, brine,…). The impeller type agitators can also be made of stainless steel or FRP compound coated. Same applies to the centrifugal pumps and piping.
The butterfly valves are all lined with PTFE.
The batch mixers can be powered either by diesel engines and hydraulic motors or by electric motors. Diesel engines can be of various brands and power depending on preference of the clients. The electric motors are ATEX certified and all cables are armoured and equipped with Eex glands.
MSI FZC manufactures a wide variety of pumping units either single or twin configuration, on skid, trailer, truck, for onshore and offshore services, for desert or arctic environment. They can also be CE marked or GOST and certified as Rigsafe or Zone 2 on request.
These units can be equipped with HVAC systems, Pre-Heating systems, cabins,…all is tailormade as per the requirements of the clients.
The units can be used to pump water, acid solution, mud, and other fluids that must be injected into the wellbore.
As for the cementing units MSI FZC builds stimulation units using any brand of trucks (MAN, SCANIA, IVECO, TATRA, MERCEDES, DAF, Renault, NZKT, MAZ-MAN, VOLVO, KAMAZ, KENWORTH,…), deck engines (Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, MTU, Mercedes, Volvo Penta, Deutz, Cummins,…), transmissions (Allison, Caterpillar, ZF,…) and triplex pumps (SPM, MSI, SERVA, GD, OFM,…) in order to match the requirements of the clients to integrate the equipment easily in his fleet.

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