MSI FZC makes complete Surface Safety Valves packages. The valves are API 6A gate valves and their design can be as per clients’requirement (FC, FLS,…) and can be of any API 6A sizes and pressure rating, from 3000 PSI up to 20’000 PSI. All valves trims and temperature ratings can be of any API 6A classes, up to PSL-3G and PR-1 or PR-2.

The valves are equipped with hydraulic “fail safe”, spring loaded actuators. The actuator is equipped with a “Quick Exhaust” mechanism to ensure fast response of the actuator. Hydraulic control pressure of the actuators can range from 2500 PSI to 3200 PSI.

The valves are mounted on skids with crashframes and lifting points and can be equipped with inlet and outlet crossovers with any type of connections, hammer unions, API clamp hubs, Grayloc,…

ssv-03 ssv-02 ssv-01