Frac Hydration Unit

MSI FZC manufactured hydration unit to prepare Gels for crosslinking with frac proppant. The Hydration units built by MSI FZC can be mounted on skid, trailer and truck. They can be for offshore and onshore operations and desert and arctic environment.

The units can be CE marked and Gost certified upon request.

The skids and trailers are custom built for the purpose. The trailers come with all necessary documents for registration in the area where they are intended to go.

The truck chassis can be of any brand (MAN, Mercedes, MAZ, MAN MAZ, NZKT, Kamaz, Tatra, Scania, Volvo, DAF, Renault, Kenworth, Peterbilt,…).

The MSI FZC hydration units typically have a 200BBL hydration tank capacity (can be adjusted as per clients’requirements) and are equipped with dry chemical tank (usually for Guar) and up to four (4) liquid chemical tanks (all is SS316, tote type). The chemical additive tanks can be equipped with heating system and agitator upon request.

The hydration units have suctions and discharge ports on both sides of the unit for versatile rigup on site.

Several mixing flowrate capacity are available ranging from 30bbl/minute to 120bbl/min depending on the capacity of the tanks and the size of the centrifugal pump (biggest is 12”x12”).

The system can be fully controlled electronically with viscosity meters, density meters, ph meters, dosing pumps for chemicals,….upon request.

The hydration tank is internally designed with a flow path, chicanes,….to ensure optimum hydration of the particles.

It can be DNV certified for offshore operations, and winterized for arctic operations with pre-heating systems.