Batch Mixers

MSI FZC manufactures batch mixers for cementing operations onshore and offshore. The batch mixers can be skid mounted, trailer mounted and truck mounted. They can be CE marked and GOST certified. For offshore operations Rigsafe and Zone 2 options are available.

The capacity of the batch mixers range from 2x 50BBL up to 2x 125BBL or uneven split with 10m3 + 20m3. Tanks can have cylindrical shape or square shape with rounded corners and all types have sloped/conical bottom and siphon system to prevent dead volumes.

The batch mixers can be equipped with non-radioactive type Coriolis density meter, mixing jets, recording systems and automatic density control upon request.

The batch mixers can be powered either by diesel engines and hydraulic motors or by electric motors. Diesel engines can be of various brands and power depending on preference of the clients. The electric motors are ATEX certified and all cables are armored and equipped with Eex glands.

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