1000hp Single Pumping Unit, 2.75” Quint SPM, Skid Mounted

1000hp Single Pumping Unit, 2.75” Quint SPM, Skid Mounted

Single pumping unit 1000hp, with SPM quintuplex pumps, and DAQ, ideal for stimulation, acidizing, CRI, water re-injection,….

Engine: DD 16V92TA – 960hp

Transmission: Allison 6000CLT

C-pump: 6”x5”x11” Mission Style

Quintuplex pump: SPM QWS1000S with 2.75” plungers

With 2.75” plungers the pump can produce:

Pmax: 1230 bars but limited to 1034 bars to match with the treating iron pressure rating (460 L/min)

Qmax: 1345 L/min (290 bars)

Considering 100% HHP it can achieve 920 L/min at 450 bars

Considering 90% HHP it can achieve 864 L/min at 450 bars

The unit has magnetic flow meter in the quintuplex pump suction line.

An electronic (Viatran style) pressure sensor is mounted in the discharge line.

An MD Totco style gauge with overpressure shutdown system in also mounted.

An adjustable PRV is installed on the fluid end.

ESD system installed on the unit with extra push buttons mounted around the unit.

The unit has a Data Recording Systems with and a 15” screen to display parameters and graphs in real time, store the data