Transfer Pump

MSI FZC manufactures fluid transfer pumps using a variety of pump types and materials to comply with the application. As a result depending on the types of fluids to be pumped the transfer pumps can be made of carbon steel with an internal FRP coating, or they can be entirely manufactured in Stainless Steel or they can be made on Teflon.

In addition the pumps can be centrifugal type, single stage or multistage, membrane type, progressive cavity type, reciprocating type….

The pumps can be driven mechanically by diesel engines, electric motors, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors,…

The diesel engines can be water cooled or air cooled with manual or pneumatic PTO clutches.

The electric motors can be AC or DC, if need be they can be equipped with variable speed control.

well-testing-transfer-c-pump-02 well-testing-transfer