Sand Filter

MSI FZC developed a range of 5K, 10K and 15K PSI vertical dual pot sand filters. The pressure vessels are ASME “U2” stamped. They are installed on a DNV frame and equipped with inlet and outlet manifolds with by-pass system.

The manifold system allows to use one filter at the time or both together.

The vessels are equipped internally with shields/screens to disrupt the incoming stream and create a velocity drop allowing the heaviest particles to fall by gravity. The second stage is a SS316 sintered cartridge type filter element that retains the finest particles/contaminant.

The filter is washable thanks to some nozzles installed on the vessel connected to check valves and HP water lines.

A differential pressure measurement system between the inlet and the outlet allows to monitor the pressure drop resulting in the progressive clogging of the filter and is connected to an alarm system to signal the need to the operator to divert the incoming flow to the other vessel to prevent collapse of the filter element and allow for its cleaning/replacement without stopping the operations.

Each vessel is connected to a drain line to evacuate the contaminants stored at the bottom of the vessel. Extra HP water nozzles are installed in the drain area to ensure proper flushing.

The system is equipped with a deployable gantry type crane to facilitate the removal and replacement of the filter element inside the vessels.