Piping Packages

Piping Packages MSI FZC manufactures all piping packages for well testing and EPF operations. Piping packaged can be provided loose or stored in DNV piping baskets or racking systems.

The piping packages are as per clients’ requirements. They well testing piping packaged are typically of welded constructions. The welds are inspected by X-ray and Post Welded Heat Treatment are performed on the welded joints. Full reports from certified third parties are provided to the clients as part of the standard databook provided by MSI FZC.

MSI FZC manufactures piping packages for any pressure rating between 200PSI to 20’000 PSI. Connections can be flanges, hammer unions, API Clamp Hubs, Grayloc,…

Materials selected are in compliance with NACE MR-0175 and depending on the location where the equipment will be used special grades of steel can be used especially for Arctic operations.

The piping packages include straight joint, 90deg. Elbows, 45deg. Elbows, Tees, Crossovers,…

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