Liquid Mud Plant

Liquid Mud Plant MSI FZC manufactures complete mud plants allowing the preparation of brine and oil based mud, the mixing, dry chemicals/salt adjunctions, recirculation, and storage.

MSI FZC LMPs are built in modules and the capacity can be easily increased or decreased for all the fluids (Base Oil, Brine, Oil Base Mud).

The plant is complete and includes all the hoppers with Venturi suction mixing jets, transfer pump for Base Oil, Mixing pumps (Carbon Steel and/or Stainless Steel) with manifold system for Brine circulation and Mud circulation, Mud Mixing Tank, Brine Mixing Tank, Base Oil storage tanks, Brine Storage tanks and Oil Based Mud storage.

The plant has all necessary walkways, staircases, handrails and lighting system.

All the plant modules are built using standard seafreight containers footprints in order to avoid extra shipping fees for oversized equipment transportation.

lmp-10 lmp-09 lmp-08 lmp-07 lmp-06 lmp-05 lmp-04 lmp-03 lmp-02 LMP