Frac Manifold

MSI FZC manufactures frac manifolds, aslo called missile, on skid, trailer or truck. The manifolds can accommodate up to 20 frac pumpers suction/discharge. The HP discharge lines can be either 3” or 4 “and the connections can BE Fig.1502 or Clamp Hubs. All the treating iron is integral, 15K PSI STD service rated.

The LP manifold provides two (2) suction connections for each frac pumper. All LP manifold outside connections (Blender/Frac transfer pumps, Frac pumper suctions) are equipped with 4”quarter turn butterfly valves and 4”Fig.206F connections with Fig.207 blind caps.

The LP manifold can be 8”/10”/12” depending on the number of of Frac pumpers to feed.

Addition outlets in HP and LP manifolds are made for bleed off and provision.

In case of trailers, the trailers are custom made and come with necessary registration documents for the regions/country where they are intended to be registered. Same applies to the truck mounted systems.

Trucks can be of any brand. Choice of chassis is as per clients’ requirements.

The systems can be CE marked and Gost certified upon request.

frac-manifold-02 frac-manifold-01